The Young Years: Nutrition from Birth to Two Years of Age

A horse’s diet changes significantly from the time it’s born until it reaches physical maturity. For certain individuals, physical maturity does not occur till they are four, five, or even six years old. Beginning with a liquid diet and ending with a diet that invariably contains both forages and concentrates represents a significant spectrum. Continue reading…

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Improving Horse Health Through Strategic Vaccination

Considering the economic impact of the equine industry worldwide, minimizing infectious disease and improving equine welfare continue to be important topics of conversation among professionals. During a recent conference, veterinarians discussed strategies to prevent infection through vaccination. Continue reading…

When Horse Feed Is Too Old to Use

The manufacturing date provided on horse feed bags and tags is self-explanatory, the best-by date proves more nebulous. Even in best-case scenarios, different types of feed vary in the length of time they can be stored. Continue reading…

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