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  • Feeding the Mare and Foal after Weaning

    By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · January 10, 2002

    Weaning is a stressful time for foals and mares. While mares are often ready to say good-bye to their rambunctious, rowdy charges, foals can be far more fretful. As such, weaning rarely negatively impacts a mare. In fact, some mares may blossom and begin to flesh out once they are freed from the burden of milk production.

  • Foaling Management Tips

    By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 23, 2000

    The ideal environment for a mare that is about to foal is a clean grass paddock where the mare can be observed with as little disruption as possible, but inclement weather or insufficient lighting can make this impractical.

  • Equine Nutritionist Q&A: Obesity and Pregnancy

    By KER Staff · October 27, 2000

    <p> I was told by a stallion owner that my mare is &ldquo;too fat&rdquo; and won&rsquo;t get pregnant at her present body weight. Can this be true?</p>


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