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    I have a pony mare (14.1 hands, 900 lb or 410 kg) that has been diagnosed with inflammatory airway disease. I have read that omega-3s support respiratory health, so I’ve been supplementing her with fish oil. Should I feed omega-3s daily or only when she’s having a flare-up?

  • A:

    T​he American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine suggests long-term supplementation of omega-3s for the management of horses with inflammatory airway disease. Continued use of omega-3s as part of the daily diet has been shown to mediate the inflammatory process and help reduce severity of future flare-ups.

    Nutritionists recommend consistent use of omega-3s for horses with inflammatory conditions at 1-3 oz per day. For your pony, 1-2 oz daily of EO•3 would be an appropriate dose.

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