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Sponsored Eventer Competes in the Netherlands for Nations Cup


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horse in show condition

Add Fat for Weight Gain, Coat Condition in Horses

Despite its scarcity in a horse’s natural diet of forage, fat has proven to be a useful additive in equine rations for two primary reasons: to bump up energy and to boost coat condition.

KER Research

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OCD in weanlings

How Can Dietary Changes Minimize Skeletal Disease in Young Horses?

The purpose of this study was to evaluate if there is a relationship between a glycemic response test and the incidence of osteochodritis dissecans (OCD) in Thoroughbred weanlings, and to determine if this test would be useful in identifying factors that may predispose young growing horses to OCD.


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stacked horse hay

Beating Botulism in Horses

Botulism, the bad boy of the equine toxin world, can kill horses and foals swiftly. Review this list to learn how to prevent botulism and safeguard your steeds.

General Interest

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horse in stall

Perceptions and Reality of Horse Care

One group of behavior specialists recently suggested that the equine industry can be doing more to address welfare and quality of life.